SLYYK Premium Transport Service App

Take the Slyyk to save money and time. A reliable booking software at your fingertips.
Take a ride or drive a ride. We offer both passenger and driver app which is available for download both
on play store and app store for free.

Download it now and book your next ride with Slyyk App.


Discounted Fare System

Select the amount range and apply the discount for that particular price range amount.

Live Journey Tracking

With easy navigate to the driver location, you will have a track your driver location.

Two Way rating

Both drivers & passengers will be required to rate each other on a 5-star scale.

Why Slyyk

    • Fast and easy rides on-demand anywhere anytime
    • Safety and budget-friendly
    • Qualified Drivers
    • User Support

Book rides with Slyyk in few seconds

SLYYK is here to revolutionize taxi cab transport by providing you with the features to create the SLYYK service you deserve. With the option of choosing the discount on
every booking, get the benefit of saving the cash in every booking.

How Slyyk Works?

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Download SLYYK now from iTunes
& Google Play.

With a few quick taps, you can book any taxi cab from any company, any time.