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With a few quick taps, you can book any taxi cab from any company, any time.

You don’t just book any taxi, you book a SLYYK taxi.

Passengers Sign Up:

Sign up for FREE with the SLYYK passenger app.

Register by submitting your application along with your credit card details.

(Passengers must enter a valid credit card to be active on the SLYYK App)


Passenger bookings:

Login and enter pick up and drop locations, you will see the real taxi fare trip amount, then choose the desired discount 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, 0% Off your trip or add Premium $11 (premium fee is an extra charge added on top of the taxi fare, an incentive for drivers to pick you up in peak times), you will also see the estimated fare total of the trip, the time to reach the destination, click to proceed with the booking press “Book Now” the booking will be sent to the nearest or the driver who has offered the discount you have requested, once the driver accepts the request you will be sent a message that the request has been accepted by a driver.


Arrived Message:

You will receive a message “The driver has reached to your pickup address”


Passenger Cancellation:

Once passenger forwards the booking they can cancel before they have entered the vehicle but they will be questioned if this occurs ( Cancel Booking) to many times without a legitimate excuse they can be banned from using the SLYYK app.

Once the passengers are in the vehicle they are not provided with the “cancel” option.


Trip Payment:

Invoices are raised at the end of the trip by the driver and payment is accepted/made by the passenger and finalised, the notification will be sent to the driver directly and paid into his nominated account minus the extras e.g. $1.10 Govt Levy fee, 5% credit card surcharge, $11 Premium fee and any other fees and charges incurred along the way on the trip, all charges and fees are subject to change without notice.


Receipt Information:

Receipts with all the trip details are emailed and also a copy is kept on the dashboard in the app.


Passenger Booking Records:

All trips are recorded in your dashboard under “Bookings”.


Two Way Rating:

Both drivers & passengers will be required to rate each other on a 5-star scale, 1 star being poor and 5 stars being excellent at the end of the trip, also comment on the trip, you must complete the rating to be able to book another trip.

(Only star ratings are shared between driver and passenger, not the comments)

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We are Slyyk, Taking you to your destination

SLYYK is here to revolutionize taxi cab transport by providing you with the features to create the SLYYK service you deserve. With the option of choosing the discount in every booking, get the benefit of saving the cash in every booking.

At the time of booking, you will have option of choosing the discount for your journey. The driver who have set the discount will get the booking request. With our easy tracking real time navigating system, you can track your vehicle real time from the app.

Sign Up

With the easy option to open an account without any hassle, our app also supports the registration with Facebook and Google. Our app supports the multiple card payment on registration.

Get Discount

Multiple discounts are available as per the driver availability.

Ride Notification

Instant notifications will be sent after the available driver accepts the ride.

Track The Driver

Start tracking your ride and driver from ride request to drop off destination.

Pay By Card

Receive invoice instantly with each fare breakdown and click to pay. No hidden cost.

Review Driver

With our 2-way rating system, you can simply leave the review and feedback to the driver.

With the option of choosing the discount on every booking, get the benefit of saving the cash in every booking.

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Together we can improve the industry & cater to the needs of our clients (aka YOU!)