SLYYK is in development to become the premium transport service application coming soon to Melbourne, Australia.

The first of its kind app will allow you to travel with full confidence and create the service you deserve.

The breakthrough feature in the app is its unique booking system that self-improves with repeated use where you are given the ability to prefer whom you wish to send a ride request too. By viewing the driver’s ratings and having a choice on whom you prefer as a driver, this enables you to have a voice on what acceptable service should be.

Drivers that provide excellent service will have this reflected on their ratings which you, when requesting a ride will be able to observe. This will ensure only those with high ratings will be requested by passengers and provide you with the comfort knowing that when you request a SLYYK ride, you do so with no concerns of unacceptable service.

The SLYYK app gives all taxi cab drivers the opportunity to be accountable to themselves and have the power to be in control of their own business, without any reliance on external influences. SLYYK will also have discounted fares, accountable drivers, loyalty rewards and many more.

With SLYYK, we believe we have created a formula that all stakeholders including the taxi industry, drivers and passengers, will experience a drastic improvement of the service within short use of the app.

We can’t wait to launch the app, features we have mentioned and many more to come will be released over time so register your interest at and be amongst the first to experience SLYYK.

SLYYK is Simple, Safe & Secure.

Coming Soon!