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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use SLYYK?

SLYYK is available to all taxi operators and all passengers, it is the only taxi cab app where you
can book any cab, any taxicab from any company, it is an Accredited Taxi Booking Service. It is a smartphone-based taxi booking and dispatching service; we want to integrate, improve the way passenger’s book/hail, we want to take it to a higher level with this technology to improve the overall taxi availability so that if there is a taxi out there near you, you should be able to book it.

What Vehicles can I book?

Vechicle Types:

  • Sedan
  • Wagon
  • SUV
  • Maxi Vehicles
  • Disabled Access

Is there a booking fee?

No, the app does not charge a booking fee, it is what the total meter is plus other related fees (Other fee’s for example may be road tolls, airport or other parking).

How do I book a taxicab?

Download the app on to your smart phone and follow instructions and enter the required information.

How do I pay the fare with the app?

Once registered you can enter your credit card details, once the journey is finalized your driver will create the final invoice which you can then pay via the app (if credit card details are present) or pay by cash.

SLYYK will send a receipt for you to keep for your records.

How often do I enter my credit card?

Your only required to enter Credit Card details when you first register.

Where is SLYYK available?

We will be launching in Melbourne, Australia to begin with. SLYYK will then launch around Australia and the world.

What is the taxicab fare rate?

Refer to the TSC (Taxi Service Commission) “Taxi Fares”

Do I have to enter my phone number?

Yes, this is important for us and especially the driver to get in touch with you when picking you up.

Can I choose my driver?

Yes, when booking a journey you can select up to 5 different drivers based on there location and rating.

Is the driver accredited?

SLYYK drivers are accredited and licenced.

Is the taxi cab vehicle insured?

Yes, by law they all must have at least third party protection.

Do I pay the fare on the meter?

Yes, also there is a minimum 5% fee applies when using a credit/debit cards, and all other non
cash payments (GST inclusive) in Victoria, Australia.

Do I pay for road tolls?

. Yes, you do pay for taxi tolls.

My driver didn’t pick me up?

Contact the driver on his mobile number or cancel him then rate him, after you have rated him, you can book the next nearest cab.

Can I rate the driver?

Yes, at the end of your travel and the driver can rate you also.
(From 1 to 5 stars, starting with 1 being least impressed to level 5 most impressed)

How do I contact administration?

All queries and inquiries please email:

I have a problem with the app?

Email: explaining the fault in writing so support will fix the problem as soon as possible or they will contact you for more information, if required.