Welcome SLYYK Drivers, SLYYK Cars, SLYYK Service, SLYYK Passengers:

We want to change the IMAGE of the taxi cab; we want the driver and passenger THE PUBLIC, to have the choice of choosing any taxi cab from any taxi company and rate drivers on the service they provide. If you have a special driver, get them to join SLYYK.

It’s more than just an app, it’s a platform designed to remove the drivers that don’t meet your expectations.

So how do you as a passenger create the service you deserve?

Passengers are given the ability to prefer whom they wish to send a ride request too. By viewing the driver’s ratings and having a choice on whom they prefer as a driver, this enables passengers to have a voice on what acceptable service should be.

Drivers that provide excellent service will have this reflected on their ratings which passengers, when requesting a ride will be able to observe. This will ensure only those with high ratings will be requested by passengers and provide you with the comfort knowing that when you request a Slyyk ride, you do so with full confidence and no concerns of unacceptable service.