You relax, Slyyk will drive for you

We always strive to provide an excellent opportunity to all our drivers in terms of quality work, payment and professional service.

Why Drive with Slyyk?

With a few quick taps, you can book any taxi cab from any company, at any time. You don’t just book any taxi, you book a SLYYK taxi. We strive to ensure that when you request a SLYYK ride, you do so with full confidence and no concerns of unreliable, unacceptable or poor service.


With access to set your account status as active and inactive, you can work as per your own time table.

Quality Service

Ease of availability. Our nearest drivers are always available in your nearest areas.

Easy chat and contact

Once your booking is confirmed you can easily call and chat with your chosen drivers. You can easily call or message to your driver.


The privacy of passengers’ trip and personal details are protected.

Multiple ways to pay

Pay for your trips via multiple cashless options like a debit card and credit cards.

Choose the discount, Get your own driver